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Ardo Double Pumpset

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Ardo Double Pumpset

Ardo Double Pumpset 


Reduce the time expressing breastmilk by up to 50% with the ARDO Double Pumpset, purposely created for busy mums on the go! Featuring two separate breast pumps that offer ARDO’s innovative ‘Vacuum Seal’ technology that creates a 100% secure barrier against pathogens and contamination of breast milk, ensuring the integrity, hygiene and sterile environment for the collection and storage of your milk. 

About the ARDO Double Pumpset: 

  • Features Vacuum Seal Technology that keeps the milk, safe and sterile and free from pathogens and contamination
  • Offers different sized breast shells with the option of the ARDO Optiflow insert
  • Having expressed your milk, pour into one of the included milk bottles before sealing
  • The pump unit is protected from milking leaking into it
  • Is made of premium Bisphenol-A-free polypropylene 

Each ARDO Double Pumpset includes: 

  • 2 x 26mm breast shells
  • 2 x lip valve
  • 2 x flexible membrane pot
  • 2 x adapter tube cover
  • 2 x silicone tube
  • 2 x 150ml milk bottles
  • 2 x bottle caps
  • 2 x cap liners

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