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Ardo Spare Lip Valves x 2

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Ardo Spare Lip Valves x 2

Ardo Spare Lip Valves x 2

Ensure the optimal performance of your ARDO Breast pump, with the support of the ARDO Lip Valves, designed to be compatible with the ARDO Pumpset, ARDO Calypso Electric Breast Pump and Amaryll Manual Pump. With the most common reason for ‘uneven pumping’ or ‘loss of suction’ due to a worn or torn lip valve, the ARDO Lip Valves provides an insurance that maintains the effective and optimal level of suction as you express your breastmilk. With the normal life span of a lip valve lasting around 2-3 months, it pays to keep a couple of spares in your feeding bag for pumping on the go.

The ARDO Lip Valves: 

  • Ensure the performance and effectiveness of your ARDO Breast pump with the back-up of the ARDO Lip Valves
  • Replace existing broken, torn or worn valves as this is the most common reason for 'uneven' pumping' or 'loss of suction'
  • The ARDO Lip Valves cannot be microwaved!
  • ARDO recommend steam, boiling or cold-water sterilisation methods for optimal hygiene
  • The ARDO Lip Valves are compatible with the ARDO Pumpset, Calypso Electric Breast Pump or Amaryll Manual Pump
  • The normal life of this lip valve is around 2-3 months, however, they are easily damaged or lost. We strongly advise all ARDO breast pump owners to keep a few spares