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Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

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Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Feeding & Weaning

For both convenience and portability, the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump is ideal for use in the home and for mums on the go. Featuring two pumping modes, it is designed to create a more comfortable and efficient pumping action, that delivers more milk, keeping baby satisfied. Offering two different sized flanges to ensure the perfect fit, you can pump milk directly into one bottle to feed right away or seal or store the breastmilk until needed.


  • An ergonomic handle that enables one handed use
  • Convenient and portable
  • Features a unique comfort seal cushion that forms a secure seal for comfortable, secure and efficient pumping
  • A BUMP magazine Best of Baby Award Winner
  • Offers two modes – stimulation and expression for more milk in half the time
  • ComfortFit flanges in two sizes, standard and large for enhance suction and fit
  • Fewer parts that are simple to use and easy to clean
  • Wide neck bottles that fit across the Lansinoh range
  • Includes the NaturalWave Nipple, cap and collar
  • Is BPA free